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Raikage, Killer Bee Confirmed in Gekitou Ninja Taisen Special!

Posted by Webmaster X on October 7, 2010 at 6:52 PM Comments comments (2)

The Fourth Raikage of the Hidden Cloud Village, A, as well as his brother, Killer Bee, the Jinchuuriki of the eight-tailed giant ox, have both been confirmed as playable characters in Naruto Shippuden: Gekitou Ninja Taisen Special!

The news comes out of the latest scan from Shonen Jump magazine. Also confirmed are (normal) Kakashi, Yamato, Sai, and Kisame! With Raikage and Bee both fighting Kisame, it looks like the game will be including the Kage Arc!

Dragonball Z: Raging Blast 2

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The official North American box arts for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 version of Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 have been released! Both pieces of art feature Vegeta, Goku, Gohan, and Trunks in Super Saiyan form as well as Cooler, Bojack, Hatchyak, Janemba, and Android 13.

Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 is the sequel to last year’s high-flying, fast-hitting, and intense versus battles series. Dragon Ball Z fans can rest assured that the destructible environment, and character trademark attacks and transformations will be true to the series. These include signature Pursuit Attacks which enable players to initiate attack combo strings, juggling your opponent in a string of devastating strikes throughout the environment. Additionally, Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 will sport the new Raging Soul System which enables characters to reach a special state, increasing their combat abilities to the ultimate level. Sporting more than 90 characters, 20 of which are brand new to the Raging Blast series, new modes, and additional environmental effects, Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 is the next evolution in the home console series.

The game hits retailers this year in North America on November 2, Europe on November 4, and Japan on November 11.

Naruto Shippuden: Dragon Blade

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The Nintendo Wii has been graced with many exciting Naruto fighters these passed couple of years, with the latest being Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3. This year, video game publisher TOMY has decided to give fans a new form of Naruto Wii game – an action adventure!

The game is titled Naruto Shippuden: Dragon Blade Chronicles and is set for a North American street date of November 16, 2010 according to and

As we mentioned 5 months ago, Dragon Blade Chronicles is an action adventure, free-roaming beat’em up game with an original storyline. The graphics are similar to the Naruto Clash of Ninja series of games, but the characters wear new, armored outfits. The game was released in Japan back in November 2009 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Naruto series under the title Naruto Shippuden: Ryujinki. For those of you wondering, the game was tentatively titled Dragon Sword 5 months back.

The game will cost $39.99, but if you want the special edition, and have $94.99 to spare, has got a treat for you! Along with the game comes five 4″ figures, Naruto, Kakashi, Sasuke, Itachi, and Gaara. They look really neat and are worth the buy for collectors.

Now, for what should be the official press description and features of the game:


Take control of both Naruto and Sasuke as they go their own ways to seek out the mysteries and power behind Genryu, the mighty Elemental Dragons, in an all-new epic adventure! Faced with the end of the world at the hands of Kuroma, one of the last of an ancient race of Dragon Guardians set on revenge, Naruto must harness the elemental powers of the legendary Dragon Blade and stand up to mighty dragons in order to save his world from destruction. Dragon Blade Chronicles is your chance to lead Naruto and Sasuke through a completely original adventure for Wii. The world is in danger and only the power of the legendary Dragon Blade and rare elemental orbs hidden across the land can save it. As Naruto, you will use special orbs collected from the powerful Genryu to enhance your Dragon Blade with new powers, acquire new skills by finding and equipping dozens of Ninja Scrolls hidden throughout the world, and take on gigantic dragons in incredible boss battles! With two superstars in one game, you won’t want to miss this amazing adventure!


•Face off against colossal elemental dragons!—The world is in danger and only the power of the legendary Dragon Blade and rare elemental orbs hidden across the land can save it. Discover a completely original NARUTO adventure with Genryu, mighty elemental dragons, and starring all your favorite characters!

•Master the power of the legendary Dragon Blade—The key to preventing the world’s destruction, the Dragon Blade can be enhanced with elemental powers using special orbs collected from powerful elemental dragons. Increase your powers and unlock new elemental abilities on your perilous quest!

•Equip Ninja Scrolls to learn new special moves—Acquire new skills by finding and equipping dozens of different Ninja Scrolls hidden throughout the world. Fool your enemies with Shadow Clone, wreak havoc with Fire Ball, and improve your defense with Mud Wall. Each skill is unique—collect them all!